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August 15, 2012
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Kingdom Hearts: Darkness RISES by SNEEDHAM507 Kingdom Hearts: Darkness RISES by SNEEDHAM507
A cool Commission done by the uber talented and sool :icondarkereve: ! The guy is a freaking genius and awesome and ahandsome and cool! I LOVE HIM!

ANYWAY! Here is that pic i promised of the Kingdom hearts crossover, OFC it would be with Bane! My newest favorite character!

In this i imagine Riku has fallen back into the darkness, or that bane had broken his back and it is up to sora to save the day!

Tell me what you guys think!
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This is really good! I love the Batman Rises movie and KH
AzabacheSilver May 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! Very Nice!
if this was real with the batman as a party member he obviously wouldent use any keybalde like weapons hed obviously use his hands and what in his utility belt the ablites would be combinations of attacks weather it be a martil arts combo a triple batterang smoke screen evade his limit would be throwing a ton explosive batterangs at his oppoent then let sora drive the batmoblie over his oponent
with bane i would see him as a boss that isnt really fast but has a near unbreakable defense and devstating power attacks his signiture move...BREAK YOU!!! would be a quick time event that sora would have to counter other wise it would be a one hit ko similar to that manver that sephroth uses at the start of the battle in kh 2 sora would have to basicly avord banes heavy punches grapples and stomps while trying to break through his defnese once banes defnese is broken he will cover his mask with his hands and start breathing loudly as if breathing in that anistetic this will be soras opening to attack banes weak spot the mask it self once banes mask gets damage he will enter berserk mode he lets out a scream of frustration bane can be damaged freely no longer careing about defense every attack bane cant gaurded so it would be best to roll out of the way his speed drasticly increseing ten fold once the batman stage is beaten you get two key blades.. one is called the fire rises its a slow key blade but it makes up for its lack of speed with a drastic power increase of +40 and a defense increase of +25 it would look similar to banes mask interms of design the second keyblade would be called gothams knight every thing on your stats meter would increase by ten aside from defense and attack with both in crease by thirty plus the keyblaade has a specail effect called utility belt which gives you 6 extra slots for ablites and potions for each member of your party if there was a gotham levle i think there would be two mino bosses scare crow and the joker scarecro would be fast but not strong makeing up for his lack of strength with speed and the use of his fear gass to make it look like his friends are attacking him or a giant hearltess is about to crush him joker would have have both speed and strength but not much of defense he would be a berserker attacking wildly tossing knives useing a machine gun and a rocket launcher for effect
Jeez! U put alot of thought into this! As for the mini bosses, i dont think they would use Scarecrow or Joker, instead either a heartless or nobody
even better a heartless version of the joker and a nobody version of scare crow :) and you know how depending on what world sora would go into he would like ddifferent like the pride lands timless river or halloween town the same thing would happen to sora donald and goofy sora would have a red and grey ish batman esque costum with a hood up and robin eye mask donold would look like a knock off of dark wing duck ohh and that could be a summon that you get in this level!! :) and goofy would look like a silly combonation of superman with a cyclops visor but at the same time keeping the grittyness of gotham
If anything, Joker wouldn't side with anyone. Scarecrow would give in to the Heartless in order to control fear. Bane would also embrace the Heartless. If the Nobodies were to really be an effect in Gotham, I think they would more focus on turning Batman against everyone with it being up to Sora, Goofy, Donald and Cat Woman to stop Batman from killing Commissioner Gordon who the Nobody character would use as a scapegoat for his inability to stop the police from chasing him.
If you wanted to add Harvey Dent as a factor, he would still play the same role as he did in the movies. Joker wouldn't use Heartless or anybody, but rather is a large threat himself. Joker is smart enough not to cross people he know will overpower him, and Joker embraces CHAOS.

Still, if there was to be a story, a Post Dark Knight story would be more necessary and Pre DKR
zhugebeifong Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If only it was possible. This scene is kinda epic!
4xEyes1987 Dec 23, 2012  Professional Artist
The comment I posted earlier was a bit of an alternate fate of Riku, if you got that.
Zeldiak Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
poor poor Sora, he'll win though... some how... i think
Jet-Kyo Nov 12, 2012  Student General Artist
As much as this should never happen (lol sorry) it's a really cool idea and a VERY well done drawing. Really nice job.
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