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Pokemon new generations!

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Trainer's card made by: CraigWinslow


Done by: MooseFroos

Elders' Floating Temple

Done by: MooseFroos
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Icons done by: Taeppo



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ICNG Clothing: Daniel Nadez by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG Clothing: Daniel Nadez
One more before going to bed!

Daniel Nadez, age 28 years old, 6'1ft, 210lbs. Daniel is the son of Carl and Sarah Nadez. He is a police officer partnered to Naomi Anderson, and engaed to pediatrcian Michelle Palmer. Things seem to be going well for Daniel, but his constant need to impress his mother has caused a rift with his Fiance, and she leaves him to teach him a lesson. This drives him into a deep depression,a dn he moves back home with his parents.

1. Patrol outfit- the LAPD patrol outfit Daniel and Naomi wear.
2. Going out clothes- Daniel's outfit bought by his fashionable fiance. before Michelle, Daniel had horrible tastes, and would've worn a hoodie and jeans, but know he is main attraction everytime they go out.
3. Sleep wear- Daniel wears sweats to bed as normal underwear is a bit constricting due to his "size". they also provided easy access to his fiance, who would enjoy partaking in it.
4. Training- Daniel's training outfit, when he is at the gym at work. He also uses it while at the firing range, like Naomi.
5. baseball- Daniel is the star pitcher for his team, and they play every other saturday. It's the one thing daniel is confidant he is good at.

More to come when i get ideas, lols

Daniel Nadez was created by me, :iconsneedham507: and :iconichan-desu:
Ignition Crisis: Cast so far by SNEEDHAM507
Ignition Crisis: Cast so far

I was playing around on SAi and managed to edit all the IC bases together. Here is run down of the gang, in case you forgot.

Carl Nadez is a mercenary turned bodyguard. He is in a relationship with Interpol agent Sarah Stately. Carl is 27 years old, 6′1ft, and weighs 220lbs.

Sarah Stately is an Interpol agent who had a previous relationship with mercenary Carl Nadez. She decided to take a break, but eventually got back together with Carl when they were united thru work. Sarah is 29 years old, is 5′7ft, and weighs 120lbs.

Klaus Schutleberg is the son of an infamous arms dealer and glamour model, Tanya. He is bullied in school, and recently a body guard was hired to protect him and his mother from his father’s business rivals. Klaus is 15 years old, is 5′6ft, and weighs 110lbs.

Captain Veronica Hawke is a skilled operative who was former special forces, before becoming pregnant with twin sons. Veronica now leads her own small team of operatives on missions around the world. She is tasked with keeping an eye on Klaus’s father, and decided to help out her younger brother, Carl, in the process. Veronica is 31 years old, 5′9ft, and weighs 140lbs.

Vaan Schutleberg is the older half brother of Klaus. His mother killed herself after discovering what her husband was doing, and Vaan was sent away to private school. HE decided to expose his father’s crimes, and became a photojournalist. While in the Philippines, he discovers a hurt young freedom fighter, and treats her wounds. She vows to protect him after healing. Vaan is 24 years old, is 5′9ft, and weighs 170lbs.

Maria Sonet is a former freedom fighter, however was wounded in combat. When she regained consciousness, she her injuries were being treated by Vaan, a photojournalist who happened upon her. Maria vowed to protect Vaan, and became his travel companion. Maria is 20 years old, is 5′2ft, and weighs 120lbs, all muscle.

Tanya Schutleberg is Klaus’s mother, and the step mother to Vaan. she is a former glamor model who was seduced by Klaus’s father. she married him when she became pregnant, however she wasn’t faithful to him. She often spends his money and sleeps around with other men, to get back at him. When Carl is hired to protect her and her son, Tanya quickly managed to lure Carl into her bed, but decided to help him win back his first love(Sarah). Tanya is 39 years old, is 5′8ft, and weighs 140lbs.

LT. Lin “Ice” Zanova is a member of Veronica’s team. She is a savant, and very antisocial, and is often used as bait by the team for her beauty, much to her annoyance. Lin is a mix of Russian and Chinese decent. LIn is 26 years old, is 5′8ft, and weighs 150lbs.

Sgt. Zoey “Cutter” Pryce is the last member of Veronica’s team. An openly gay former marine, Zoey has a crush on her two teammates. She loves working out, and flashing her abs to random people. She is the muscle of the team, and is a heavy weapons specialist. Zoey is 24 years old, is 5′6ft, and weighs 150lbs, all muscle.

Jak Doyle is an Interpol agent, a bit of a playboy, and the partner to Sarah Stately. Jak and Sarah are occasional lovers, however Jak starts to fall for her, something she isn’t interested in following whatsoever. Jak is 25 years old, is 5′11ft, and weighs 175lbs.

These have all been seen in the past, but i put them together. Art by :iconichan-desu:
ICNG Alex Nadez by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG Alex Nadez

ICNG clothing: Alex Nadez, age 15, height 5'6, weight 110lbs

1. Swimming team- despite being in poor health, Alex is one of the star swimmers of his school. Doesn’t help he get’s extra attention from his coach/lover Sylvia Kawena.
2. School uniform- alex opts out of the tie and has a button or two open.
3. Home/sleep attire- he is the bare foot King at home!
4. Beach/date- alex trying to impress sylvia, his coach/lover.
5. Casual- Alex’s mom still buys him his clothing, so Ofc he comes across as preppy.

Well guys, your thoughts?

Art by :iconichan-desu: and the character belongs to me

ICNG Sylvia Kawena by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG Sylvia Kawena

ICNG clothing: Sylvia Kawena, age 21, height 5'11, weight 150 lbs.

1. Swimming coach attire(pool side) her normal attire when coaching her students. Though she wears the swimsuit, she rarely gets in the water with the kids, as she gets embarrassed easily.
2. Olympic swim suit- when sylvia was 14, she was on team USA’s swim team, and managed to win the silver medal. Any hopes of doing better or returning were crushed when she went they puberty. She has an exact duplicate of her swimsuit from her Olympic days, but matched to her current size. When depressed, she puts it in and thinks of better times.
3. Swimming coach(school) her normal attire during the school day, as she can’t just be walking around in a swimsuit during school hours.
4. Poolside- when not at the school, sylvia is at her backyard apartments poolside, soaking up the sun(she tans super easily) and going for dips.
5. Date- she has terrible fashion sense, and dressed this way when out on a date with Alex, her student who she happens to fall in love with.
6. Hawaiian themed restaurant waitress- sylvia is a waitress at a crappy Hawaiian themed restaurant during the weekends. As much as she hates it, she needs the money, and puts up with the perverted older customers who request her by name.
7. Yellow ICNG playboy bunny

What are your thoughts?

art by :iconichan-desu: and belongs to me

ICNG Jodi Nadez by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG Jodi Nadez

ICNG clothing: Jodi Nadez, age 31, height 5'5, weight 130lbs

1. Manager- jodi is the entertainment manager at a popular club she helped build. She is highly respected by her employers, and has her own hand picked staff. She makes sure that the quality of her entertainment is always high, and that everyone is having a good time.
2. Yoga- jodi is an avid yoga practitioner, and is constantly trying to get her husband to join her. Despite her hectic life, she always has time to find inner peace while stretching!
3. Casual- Jodi is the definition of a cool young mom, and gives that vibe when around others
4. While her husband might like it, jodi enjoys dragging him to the beach, and always makes it a big affair!
5. Going out. When not on mommy errands or out with friends, she enjoys the simple and easy approach.
6.light blue playboy bunny

That’s jodi! What you think?

Art by :iconichan-desu: and owned by me



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Scotty Eddie
United States
Hello! Here you will find stuff involving my project, Ignition Crisis, Pokemon New Generation, and Elders floating temple.


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Color Blinds

All icons were made by ichan-01 and craigwinslow

Hey! Not dead! Whose still active here? 

254 deviants said Me( good! Stuff coming your war! )


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