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Pokemon new generations!

Click below to read about the characters!

Trainer's card made by: CraigWinslow


Done by: MooseFroos

Elders' Floating Temple

Done by: MooseFroos
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Icons done by: Taeppo



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ICNG: Elena X Enrique by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG: Elena X Enrique

Elena Nadez and Enrique Villaremo, together again! I got some plans for these two!

Elena Nadez is a 24 year old college graduate who is currently looking for employment.

Enrique Villaremo is a 25 year old mechanic who lives at his brothers house with his family.

They meet each other when Elena goes on a 6 month school trip to Central America. What started as a petty rivalry turns into a passionate romance!

NSFW bases are for sales here or get them on Patroen for pledging!
ICNG: Daniel and Michelle by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG: Daniel and Michelle
Hey guys! Here is my favorite couple from ICNG, Daniel Nadez and his fiance Michelle Palmer

Daniel Nadez is a 28 year old Police officer who is currently engaged to Michelle Palmer

Michelle Palmer is a 28 year old Pediatrician with a recently opened practice, where she has only a few patients, her soon to be brother in law, and her sister in law's kids.

More to come homies!

BTW NSFW bases for sale with this of Daniel and Michelle! Get them here or pledge at the ICNG to see them! have a good one!
Elders Floating Temple: Amazons sisters by SNEEDHAM507
Elders Floating Temple: Amazons sisters
Her are a few designs for two new characters for Elders Floating Temple. They are two of Isabella's 8 sisters from her Island. Isabella's people are amzon like, and a rag tag group of women who inhabit a strong of islands. A normal mother will give birth to at least 6 children, while Isabella's had 9.

Lilli is Isabella's older sister is a high ranking Shaman on the Island. It is her job to select women to become mothers, and to help them in getting pregnant, picking the right male(normally captured) and ensuring that the woman is pregnant before the male is done away with. She is cold and distant to many people, only opening up to her mother. She turned down Isabella's request to be a mother, which enraged her, and after being struck, had her banished from the island. She is 31 years old.

Isabella is the middle child of her family, and the island's best fighter. She is a captain of a trading vessel, however she longs to have a family of her own. She approaches her sister Lilli, but is turned down. In a rage, she struck Lilli, and as a result is banished from the island. She is dropped off to the Main land, where the gang meets her. She is 22 years old.

Elise is Isabella's younger sister, though you wouldn't think it by her size and strength. She is the strongest woman on the island, however she is a terrible fighter, and as a result is often getting cuts from the numerous fights she partakes in. Despite her imposing body, she is a sweetheart, and is often time overly emotionally, (played for laughs). She loves her sister Isabella very much, and when she was banished, she was heartbroken. She is 19 years old, and is 6'3ft and weighs 300 pounds.

Ok guys! Time for designs!
Older AlexICNG: After Pratice by SNEEDHAM507
Older AlexICNG: After Pratice
Hey guys! I commissioned :icongreggileano: For some stuff!

Some of you guys whonder what an Older Alex Nadez looks like! Well wonder no more! In this preview, we see a 17 year old Alex Nadez in the locker! What is he doing in there? Who is he with? Why is there Premium Contnet? Well You will have to find out thru purchasing!


OR You can pledge at the IC and ICNG patreon, where you can see this image, as well as a ton more NSFw stuff that i cant post here and refuse to post on Tumblr!
ICNG: Anna Nadez and Noa Anderson by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG: Anna Nadez and Noa Anderson
Anna Nadez is Carl Nadez's bastard daughter from a brief fling he had with the Russian sniper/assassin Whistler. Anna was raised by her mother until she was 11 years old, then went to live with her father and his family. She graduated from a community college, and when not working, she is a bit of a shut in at the house. She works at a daycare, and is in a relationship with her coworker Noa Anderson. Anna greatly enjoys cos playing, and makes her own costumes, using her paycheck to purchase materiel. Anna is 25 years old, is 5'10ft, and weighs 135lbs. She is of Russian (Mother) and Hispanic (father) decent.

Noa Anderson is the younger fraternal twin of Naomi Anderson. Noa is the more reserved, calm one of the two, and while his sister dropped out of high school and joined the army, he didn't, instead going to college. When his Returned home from the army, she stayed with him, and proceeded to ruin his quiet home life. Noa works at a Daycare, where he works alongside Anna Nadez. Noa and Anna get along quite well, and they grow fond of each other. They are pressured into taking the next step in their relationship by their siblings, for Noa it was his sister, and for Anna it was her younger sister Elena> Their first time ended terribly, however, over time they get better at it. Noa is 27 years old, 6'1ft, and weighs 200lbs.

Premium content is available, including the nude base models, and their first time together. It is highly NSFW, be warned


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Scotty Eddie
United States
Hello! Here you will find stuff involving my project, Ignition Crisis, Pokemon New Generation, and Elders floating temple.


Operating System: P.C.
Favourite cartoon character: Van Flyheight Kira Yamato Shinn asuka Norris Packard Shiro Amada Lazarevic Tom Baxter Skunk Kusi,
Personal Quote: Love the smell of naplam in the morning


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Nice artworks!! glad to find you :D
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Thomas is badass
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carter my love <3
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Color Blinds

All icons were made by ichan-01 and craigwinslow

Hey! Not dead! Whose still active here? 

252 deviants said Me( good! Stuff coming your war! )


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