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Pokemon new generations!

Click below to read about the characters!

Trainer's card made by: CraigWinslow


Done by: MooseFroos

Elders' Floating Temple

Done by: MooseFroos
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Icons done by: Taeppo



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ICNG: The cast so far by SNEEDHAM507
ICNG: The cast so far
Hey guys! I was playing around with sai again, and edited all of the finished and clothed ICNG bases.

Ignition Crisis: Next Generation is the sequel to Ignition Crisis, and follows the children of Carl Nadez and Sarah Stately, the main characters of the original IC. While IC was more action packed, ICNG is more a slice of life, with drama and some comedy. Here's some brief info on these losers!

Daniel Nadez is a 28 year old police officer plagued with an inferiority complex, sub par intellect and low self esteem. He is engaged to the fabulous Michelle Palmer, and is partnered with Naomi Anderson, who is also in love with him, despite Daniel not knowing her true intentions. 

Elena Nadez is a 24 year old college graduate, struggling to get a job, however keeps failing. Elena is the prodigy of her family, inheriting her father's strength and her mother's intelligence. Elena is notorious for her self sabotage of relationships, as she doesn't want to be held down for to long. A gym freak, she is often working out, especially after a failure. 

Alex Nadez is a 15 year old student and a prominent member of his high school swim team. Alex is the baby of his family, and is often treated as such. Incredibly likeable and Charming, Alex is often wooing numerous people, sometimes unintentionally. He eventually gets into a relationship with his swimming teacher, Sylvia.

Anna Nadez is a 25 year old day care worker and otaku. Anna is the daughter of Carl and Whistler, and was raised by her mother until she was 11 years old and sent to live with her father. Anna is a bit of a shut in, and when not working, she is either in her room, making cosplay costume or reading manga, or out gardening.

Titus Nadez is a 31 year old teacher, and is married to Jodi. Together they have a family, with a 10 year old son, 6 year old daughter, and a new born son.

Carl Nadez is the 60 year old father of Titus, Daniel, Alex, Anna, and Elena Nadez, and the husband to Sarah Stately. He is retired, and is happy to be with his family, often taking his grand kids fathered by Titus out for some wholesome fun.

Sarah Stately Nadez is a 62 year old retired high ranking officer in Interpol. Sarah is bored out of her mind now that she is out of work, and is bugging her kids due to this. She bumps heads with Daniel's fiance Michelle, and isn't on the best of terms with her son Titus.

Jodi Nadez is a 31 year old Yoga enthusiast, and entertainment manager at a popular night club. Jodi is married to Titus nadez, and they had a child while they were still in college. Cheery to a fault, and bubbly to everyone, Jodi is instantly accepted into the Nadez family. A bit of a pervert, it is no secret she lusts after the other Nadez men, and will stare inappropriately when her husband isn't around.

Michelle Palmer is a 29 year old pediatrician and Fiance to Daniel Nadez. Michelle met Daniel while in college, and after a drunken one night stnad that ended in a night of self discovery, the two decided to stay together. Michelle is a highly intelligent woman, and despite acting cool calm and collected, she can be a bit of a deviant, as Daniel knows all to well.

Enrique Villaremo is a 25 year old mechanic, and the baby brother of Andreas. When Elena moves in with them, Enrique and her bicker and argue, however after a few days, they end up sleeping together. What then starts is an overly passionate romance, that goes for the entire 6 months that Elena is staying there.

Sylvia Kawena is a 21 year old former Olympic swimmer who is now a High school Swimming coach. Sylvia's Olympic career was ruined after she went thru puberty, as her speed was greatly reduced thanks to her now enlarged breasts. Sylvia suffers from low self esteem, and is easily flustered and embarrassed

Naomi Anderson is a 27 year old former soldier who is currently a police officer, partnered with Daniel Nadez for the last two years. Naomi has a fraternal Twin brother, Noa, who Naomi is notorious for taking advantage of (not sexually!!). Naomi and Daniel are very close, with Naomi falling in love with Dnaiel, and Daniel being so oblivious, he often mistakes her perverted advances as her fooling around

Perma Villaremo is the 28 year old wife of Andreas, and the mother of his five children. She is a bit feared in her village for her fiery temper, which she can hide very well, however those who know her aren't fooled. When Elena went to live with them, Perma acted as a big sister to her, and helped her with her conflicted views on relationships.

Andreas Villaremo is a 29 year old fisherman, the husband of Perma, and the older brother of Enrique. Andreas is a very caring man, and a pillar in his village.

Stacy Lewin is a 25 year old fitness freak, occasional model, and MMA fighter, and one of Elena's close friends. Stacy is unemployed, like Elena, but makes money from online modelling, whether it be web caming, or doing embarrassing things for fetishes.

Sonya Sonet is a 22 year old MMA fighter, and a close friend to Elena Nadez. She is the baby daughter of Vaan and Maria Sonet. Sonya inherited her mother's freakish strength, and her father's keen observational skills.

All art done by my bro :iconichan-desu: over the last 4 months. Decide to post them together! Get this, there are 16 left! GOD HELP ME!
Elders Floating Temple SFW bases so far! by SNEEDHAM507
Elders Floating Temple SFW bases so far!
Hey guys! So some of you guys know me and :iconichan-desu: are working on our personal project Elders Floating temple again! We have a patreon set up so that people can help us get it off the ground by donating! Those who donate get the nsfw bases and the nude fan art pinups!

So lets get started!

Thomas Trine is a 16 year old adventurer. He was raised by the famous wanderer Zoey Legend following a personal tragedy, and is trying to move on with his life.

Sophia is a 15 year old girl with a mysterious power that even she doesn't know how to control. From a lineage that was thought to have died out, Sophia is the last of her kind

Ryder is a gunslinger with a shady past. It is hard to pinpoint his background due to his constant lying

Francis is a 20 year old Mage of great intelligence. A mistake lead to him become cursed and homeless.

Isabella is a 23 year old warrior banished from her people's home. A fantastic fighter of great strength, she now drinks her sorrows away at a local tavern.

Wolfie is a 17 year old feral boy who was raised by wolves since a baby. He recently became a werewolf.

Percy is an 8 year old half elf boy who can communicate with spirits and tell fortunes thanks to his deceased mother's extraordinary crystal ball.

Sydney is an 18 year old elf who is the best hunter in her tribe. She wants to explore but is always stopped by her over protective brother, Irvine.

Irvine is a 24 year old elven archer who is trying to keep his people safe, and Sydney's older brother.

Ryo is a 25 year old bounty hunter living in the shadow of his much more successful sister.

Luna is a 29 year old pure blood werewolf, next in line to lead her people.

Hope is a 19 year old assassin who was raised by Pierce's family with her twin sister Faith.

Pierce is a 31 year old Knight who comes from a prestigious family. He is protected by twins sister Hope and Faith.

Faith is a 19 year old bodyguard who is madly in love with her employer, Pierce. SHe is the older twin sister to Hope.

Well guys, that's it atm, though this will be updated with more characters as we get them, next up is the demon hunting monk, Solenn, her halfbreed son, Fuya, and the powerful Lust demon, Drake!

Until then! Support Elders on patreon!
Ignition Crisis: Maria Sonet by SNEEDHAM507
Ignition Crisis: Maria Sonet
Hey guys! It's that time of the month! Patreon time! Here's the first pin up for the month of September, the beloved Maria Sonet! Here's the SFW

Maria Sonet is a former child soldier and freedom fighter from the Philippines. Maria was saved from certain death thanks to photojournalist Vaan Schutleberg. Feeling indebted to him, and upon realizing her comrades left her for dead, Maria forcibly became Vaan’s bodyguard, despite Vaan not needing one. Maria is 21 years old in IC, is 5'2-5'3ft, weighs 130lbs, and despite her small frame has incredible strength. Maria is easily confused, and when provoked or made fun of she snaps violently, having a very short temper.

The next one up is Vaan! And after him it’s the last three bases of ICNG! Woot! All NSFW content is available to those who pledge on patreon! It’s pretty cool!

LOK: Draw me like one of your french girls
Normally I wouldn't be posting stuff like this, as it isn't from my series, however, when my bud, :iconichan-desu: Did a nude Korra for his fan art pinups, which you can see on his patreon for the low low price of 5 dollars per month, I had him draw up this scenario, as a, the censor was boring, and this, is just so funny!!!

Support Ichan and his creations on his Patreon! We are doing alot of great stuff there!

Art by :iconichan-desu: of Korra, from the legend of Korra!
Drunk and Busted page 16 by SNEEDHAM507
Drunk and Busted page 16
Hey guys, remember that comic me and :elbrothertico: were doing, that was set in ICNG, about Naomi and Daniel? Ya do? good! Cause it's done! Well it's been doen for a long time, but i'm a lazy ass bum when it comes to posting things, so ya....

But hey! It's complete! And you cna read it all here from this drunkandbusteditus.smackjeeves…

It's NSFW, so keep that in mind! and it's canon! WOOT!


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Scotty Eddie
United States
Hello! Here you will find stuff involving my project, Ignition Crisis, Pokemon New Generation, and Elders floating temple.


Operating System: P.C.
Favourite cartoon character: Van Flyheight Kira Yamato Shinn asuka Norris Packard Shiro Amada Lazarevic Tom Baxter Skunk Kusi,
Personal Quote: Love the smell of naplam in the morning


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Color Blinds

All icons were made by ichan-01 and craigwinslow

Hey! Not dead! Whose still active here? 

258 deviants said Me( good! Stuff coming your war! )


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