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Pokemon new generations!

Click below to read about the characters!

Trainer's card made by: CraigWinslow


Done by: MooseFroos

Elders' Floating Temple

Done by: MooseFroos
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Icons done by: Taeppo



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ICNG- Shocking Discovery
Comissioned the great :icondarkereve: and i foolishly attempted to color it!

14 year old Zoey Hawke Neadum has walked in on her sensei, Diego "Jet" Wong and her older Cousin Elena Nadez getting it on. What's unfortunate is that Zoey has a crush on Jet and looks up to and admires her cousin Elena! Needless to say she runs out crying! FYI, they are in Veronica Hawke's dojo, Zoey's mother! They got some explaining to do!
Gundam Project: Dom Zwei
Here's a little something i got from my buddy :iconjdberge: for the gundam project!

While not exactly a custom Dom Zwei, it is indeed unique! The particular unit is used by Tombstone, normally Eddie Edgerson! With a 08 millimeter machine gun, several heat seeking grenades, and a knuckle shield, he's ready for business!
Gundam Project: Maude Villapeak
A commission done by :iconr3ydart:

Its Maude Villapeak, my character from my newly announced gundam project!

Maude, the owner of Maverick PMC, and possible the most dangerous women currently alive! 
Gundam Project: Cast so far
So all of last year and the year before had been my projects Ignition Crisis and it's sequal Ignition Crisis: Next Generation. I won't lie, i was a bit burned out by it, and as a break, i tinkered with an idea i had for a long, LONG time. My very own gundam project. CRAZY I KNOW!

So here's the deal The project will used already established mobile suits, weapons, and uniforms. Mostly Universal Century, with one or two from Gundam Wing (Love the Aires mobile suit). It will not be within the Universal timeline however, instead being within it's own little bubble. The Sides are the Dominion, being based heavily upon the Federation, and the GRU, taking it's ques from modern day Russia and the Principality of Zeon. (sadly at this point no GRU members have been designed) Also in the mix are mercenaries, who have become almost a rivaling power to the Dominion and GRU from the years of fighting. The war has been going for about 7 years now, and their is no clear end in sight, and moral is at an all time low for both sides. That about sums it up! So lets get to the character's! From left to right!

Colonel Jadens- A officer stationed at the hotly contested Torrington Base, he is the only one of the higher ups assigned there that has any real experience. 42 years old.

Iris- a former sex slave that was saved when the war broke out, she was forced into a child unit and quickly became well known for her skills with a mobile suit. She was recruited by the small but professional mercenary unit Tombstone. 19 years old.

Lt. Lexie Augustine- The communication officer aboard the Red Eclipse. Known for her no nonsense personality, she sometimes acts as a confidant for ships captain, Karen Watson. 26 years old

Ensign Jacqueline "Jackie" McKay- while only enlisting six months prior, she has already become an ace, earning the title "Pink Pixie" with her custom GM KAI.  18 years old.

Captain Karen Watson- The commanding offcier and captain of the Ra Calium class assault ship Red Eclipse. While normally soft spoken and polite, she is known and feared for her keen mind and impressive observational skills. Mother to a 3 year old child, and on again off again lover of Bart Thomas. 28years old.

Haru Shinohara- Haru has been conscripted into joining the Dominion against his will, as his mother four years prior had gentically locked their newest weapon, the Gundam, to Haru. She was then kidnapped, and the Dominion was left with an inoperable mobile suit. Now, after four years of prolonged combat, the Dominion is finally ready to throw Haru into the conflict, in hopes he can some way help in ending the war. Haru is cold and distant to many of the people he meets, just wanting to be left alone. He and the gundam, have been stationed aboard the Red Eclipse. Haru is 15 years old.

Lt. Junior Grade Bart Thomas- Bart is an ace pilot, known as the "Yellow Hornet", and stationed aboard the Red Eclipse. The son of a well known and respected Dominion Admiral, and as such he has alot of pull. Known for doing whatever he pleases when in battle, he has been transferred around alot, and has earned a reputation for being difficult to work with, which is well earned. He was formerly serving under Lt. Doug "Eddie" Edgerson, the first CO who ever really put him in his place. He was also quite close to Karen Watson, back when she was the first officer for a combat vessel. Bart was supposed to be a mentor of sorts to Haru, however his difficulty with people make them despise each other. Bart is 26 years old.

Lt. Douglas "Eddie" Edgerson- Eddie was a former Dominion soldier, having been enlisted when the war first started, and quickly made a name for himself. He was noticed by Alison Shinohara, the mother of Haru and the lead designer of the Gundam project, and was handpicked by her to be the suits test pilot. Alison was quite fond of Eddie, and as such he spent time with her and her child, Haru. The colony the project was being hosted at was attacked, and Alison was abducted. Eddie was sent by her earlier to find her son, and in the confusion they got separated. Eddie was hurt in the attack, losing his hand. He was discharged from the Dominion following an extensive review of his actions. He was picked up by Maude Villapeak, a wealthy socialite who, when the war started, formed her own PMC. He was given a cybernetic replacement for his hand, and worked under her for a year. After his contract was up, he decided to venture out on his own and make his own group. After an extensive talent hunt, he set up Tombstone, a small but efficient unit of about 12 people, six being pilots, and the other six being operators(soldiers). Eddie has a colorful past with Bart Thomas and Karen Watson, as well as an extensive amount of contacts he has made thru out his career. He is 32 years old.

Captain Aisha Tyler- a former Dominion captain, who became a hero of sorts after she and her crew single handily defended a colony from a GRU attack, she was quickly forgotten after being injured in the line of combat, and discharged. She was picked up Eddie, and is currently the captain of the Columbus class transport cruiser that Tombstone use as base of operations in space. a legend in space naval warfare, her talents seem wasted as a cargo captain until she is needed for battle. Aisha is in a deep relationship with William Stacker, and is currently teasing him about the possibility of having a family. Aisha is 36 years old.

William Stacker- a former Dominion soldier, Stacker has seen alot of combat. Discharged after being accused of cowardice for failing to assist in an assault of an enemy mobile suit battalion, while on foot, Stacker was personally hired by Eddie Edgerson. Acting as both his muscle and second in command, Stacker handles most of the ground grunt work while Eddie takes care of the planning and possible mobile suit combat. He and Aisha are in a relationship, which she teases him about wanting kids. Stacker is 38 years old.

Maude Villapeak- a wealthy and influential socialite, the outbreak of war has done her wonders. She is in command of Maverick PMC, the largest operating mercenary army currently operating in space, and has been buying out smaller groups on earth. Maude has gained favor with many high ranking leaders around the world, it doesn't help that she has either slept with or blackmailed them in the past. Maude is many things, but above all else she is prideful to a fault. Maude is 46 years old.

Thats all for right now guys, Will be updating this when i can, with both official clothed versions and ofc more characters!

Let me know what ya think! and sorry for being away for so long.
ICNG: You go home!
Another commission from my boy :iconewadlo:

Vanessa Hawke Neadum is shit faced, and is berating her underling, police officer Anthony Kreshikin, for being, amongst many things, a pain. Little does she know that in 3 hours they will both be in bed, with Vanessa nearly strangling poor Anthony to death! Such is fate!

Art dumps SUCKKKKK and i apologize


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Scotty Eddie
United States
Hello! Here you will find stuff involving my project, Ignition Crisis, Pokemon New Generation, and Elders floating temple.


Operating System: P.C.
Favourite cartoon character: Van Flyheight Kira Yamato Shinn asuka Norris Packard Shiro Amada Lazarevic Tom Baxter Skunk Kusi,
Personal Quote: Love the smell of naplam in the morning


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Awesome work there! :)
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The Watch :'D Thank You.
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Carl, get in the house!
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Thomas is badass
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Color Blinds

All icons were made by ichan-01 and craigwinslow

Hey! Not dead! Whose still active here? 

274 deviants said Me( good! Stuff coming your war! )


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